Diesel Application Instructions

Diesels, EGRs, & ARX. We’ve all seen sooty exhaust roll out of a diesel’s exhaust pipe. Even when it’s not visible there are particles of soot in the exhaust gases. These carbon by-products ( pollutants ) can build up over time and prevent your EGR valve from working as intended. The result is your EGR valve will become stuck partly open, causing the engine to run rough and reduce its overall performance.

How can Auto-Rx Plus help a diesel owner? Auto-Rx Plus restores engine compression by removing oxidized contaminants that prevent the piston rings from forming a perfect seal. When there is less blow-by not only will it make the engine oil last longer but it will support a more complete combustion resulting in less unburned hydrocarbons leftover to foul your EGR system. Auto-Rx Plus is a win win solution. It will restore engine performance and reduce future maintenance needs.