Use Auto-Rx® Plus To Maintain Your Hybrid’s Engine Efficiency

Auto-Rx® Plus utilizes non-hazardous green chemistry to clean metal surfaces and rejuvenate rotating seals. Backed by U.S. Patent #6,544,349 Auto-Rx® Plus is formulated utilizing three ester groups. A versatile lanolin ester is the key component of Auto-Rx ® Plus. Lanolin is used for its deep cleaning ability. Its function is to penetrate the surface of varnish and oxidized deposits.

The second ester is an aliphatic ester. Its function is to strengthen surface adhesion of the host oil, reducing the risk of dry spots in the oiling system during the cleaning process. Aliphatic esters are also very resistant to oxidation, becoming a additive supplement to the host oil while the contamination is being removed and deposited to the filter media.

The last ester is a biodegradable polyol ester, which provides extra extreme pressure capability to the host oil. Utilizing heat, pressure, and flow generated within the oiling system, Auto-Rx® Plus safely and effectively dissolves deposits. Deposits form slowly over time; they should be cleaned slowly and methodically, as well.

All engines, even those in hybrids, are subject to the break down of their motor oil. Periodically this motor oil needs to be drained and replaced as suggested by the engine manufacturer. Auto-Rx® Plus is specially formulated to remove oxidized contaminant that slowly builds up in the engine over time. The effects of these deposits may not be obvious at first but eventually they rob your engine of it’s efficiency, especially if they impact the operation of key components such as the piston rings.

The motor oil in this 2007 Prius is being changed every 5,000 miles per Toyota’s recommendation.

The oil filter is located near the engine’s oil pan and in easy to access. A cap style filter wrench may be required for filter removal.

Like the oil filter there is easy access to the oil drain plug. To avoid leaks a new drain plug washer is always recommended.

Allow sufficient time for all of the old oil to drain out. When replacing the oil filter wipe the mounting surface clean and put a small amount of fresh motor oil around the sealing gasket of the new filter. Tighten the filter per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Auto-Rx® Plus is a patented all-natural metal cleaner designed to thoroughly clean the internals of your engine. In addition to keeping your motor’s vital internals clean, Auto-Rx® Plus has been shown to reduce wear and provides a lower coefficient of friction when compared to motor oil alone. With just 3 to 4 fluid ounces in the sump, both lubrication and fuel efficiency are enhanced. With the maintenance dose, you can have Auto-Rx® Plus working every time you turn the ignition key.

Under the hood of a 2013 Prius. Use Auto-Rx® Plus to help maintain your hybrid’s engine efficiency.

2013 Prius showing just 136 miles on odometer. It’s never too early for Auto-Rx® Plus.