Auto-Rx-Plus Sludge Remover

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Auto-Rx is designed to clean while you drive. Most major repairs are a result of dirty parts. Poor compression can be a result of sticky ring packs and a small investment in Auto-Rx® Plus can greatly improve piston ring and cylinder bore sealing. $25 is a lot better than a $2,500 mechanics bill.

A poor shifting automatic transmission can be caused by sticky shifting modules or a gummed up torque convertor. Auto-Rx® Plus can get in there and free up those shifting modules and your torque converter. Again, $25 is way better than being stuck with a $2,500 service bill.

Been seeing infomercials almost daily about all the benefits you will get and how they will pay the mechanic of your choice direct. Even will help you get a rental car and of course arrange towing for just one low monthly cost or you can even get a lower price if you pay for 1 year not all OLD cars are covered. I believe most of you know by now engine parts transmission and power steering parts wear out due to POOR MAINTENANCE. When a rebuilt or perhaps even a new part is installed in your vehicle it replaces the worn out part WITHOUT CLEANING THE METAL so the cycle starts over.

No chemistry No oil additive can repair the amount of wear your poor care of your vehicle caused.

Auto-Rx Will ALTER the EFFECTS of Wear (Oil can't lubricate through contaminants) on metal such as sludge or abrasives Remember your engine is an air breather and that air filter does not trap everyday contaminants.

Auto-Rx Application will allow oil to lubricate clean worn metal.

More Miles No Large Cost.

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