Auto Rx® Plus works in all vehicles ~ old or new

All engines, even those in hybrids, are subject to the break down of their motor oil. Periodically this motor oil needs to be drained and replaced as suggested by the engine manufacturer. Auto-Rx® Plus is specially formulated, utilizing our latest cleaning technology, to remove oxidized contaminant that slowly builds up over time. The effects of these deposits may not be obvious at first but eventually they rob your engine of it’s efficiency, especially if they impact the operation of key components such as the piston rings.

Auto-Rx® Plus is a patented all-natural metal cleaner designed to thoroughly clean the internals of your engine. In addition to keeping your motor’s vital internals clean, Auto-Rx® Plus has been shown to reduce wear and provides a lower coefficient of friction when compared to motor oil alone. With just 3 to 4 fluid ounces in the sump, both lubrication and fuel efficiency are enhanced. With the maintenance dose, you can have Auto-Rx® Plus working every time you turn the ignition key Auto-Rx® Plus is not just for engines. Auto-Rx® Plus can also be used in transmissions, differentials, and power steering units. Tests have confirmed Auto-Rx® Plus can both clean metal surfaces and allow rotating seals to regain elasticity. Auto-Rx® Plus has been shown to reduce or eliminate rotating seal leaks when used as directed. Auto-Rx® Plus can help reduce emissions and restore lost fuel mileage.

Auto Rx® Plus is compatible with all engine oils, conventional or synthetic. Auto Rx® Plus can also be used with all transmission & differential fluids, as well as all power steering fluids.